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Panopoulos Bros sa - Panchart
Paper and plastics Industry

Headquarters - Production Plant
Thesi Xiropigado
Mandra - Attica
PC 19600 P.O.box 2233

Contact person
Haris Panopoulos

Telephone : +30 210 55 53 099
Fax : +30 210 55 53 069
Email : info@panchart.gr

PANOPOULOS BROS SA - with distinctive title " PANCHART SA" was founded in 1981 by brothers Ioannis, Michael and Agamemnon Panopoulos. From 1981 to 1996 the company operated as general partnership company. From the 1996 operates as a societe unonyme Industrial and Commercial Company.
From its foundation until today operates in the manufacturing sector and specifically in the production and processing of polyethylene film and paper for food packaging.

The main object is to produce plastic bags for transporting goods for use in super market, smaller shops and street markets, the production of various packaging bags, refuse sacks and an extremely thin film for lamination with several materials. Also, using this film produces laminated paper, for use in butcher shops, for the transport of perishable foodstuffs. Meanwhile, the commercial side of the company is constantly expanding its range in similar products in the packaging sector.

Following the corporate strategy for continuous growth in the packaging industry with development and improvement of products and services, doing the best to build effective and long-lasting partnerships. The most important associations are large super market chains like Carrefour Marinopoulos SA, AB Vassilopoulos SA, Sklavenitis I & S SA, Metro SA, Makro cash & carry SA, Market In SA and in sectors such as food processing, Eurochartiki SA, Aegis SA, Giannidi Bros SA, Elbisco A.V.E.E.T. and many others.

Although core market is Greek, the company is developing rapidly exporting innovating products in recent years with activity mainly in European countries, building strong partnerships.

In pursuing the goal of high quality products and services with the optimum use of technologies and materials, Panchart SA is equipped with modern production machinery and production capacity currently exceeds 700 tones per month in polyethylene products and 200 tones in paper products.

The company is headquartered in Mandra in private facilities of 11.000 sq.m. housed with 6.000 sq.m. and also recently expanded to an adjacent plot of 7.000 sq.m. housed with 400 sq.m. for establishing new production lines in 2014. Finally, a branch of the old headquarters, in the heart of Athens, in 4.000 sq.m. private facilities, is keeping the high demands for distribution of ready products, doing the best to serve fast and with confidence the cooperating dealers and clients.